Confirmed Participants

The following is a list of all confirmed participants that the signature form has been received for. If you think you registered but you are not on this list, you should contact the Algoma Rotary Science Fair immediately.



1101Baking PowerR M MooreKyle Albert
1102Dairy Consumption and Quality of SleepR M MooreAva Engel
1103The Science of FingerprintsGrand ViewBraeden Logan
1104do you know your water Grand ViewChristian bridge
1105Are more heads better than one?Grand ViewCarys Hernden
1106Chick-InnGrand ViewAmelia Mallette
1107Home Remedy vs Store Bought HerbicidesKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolErica Groot
Alicia Groot
1108Back Off BacteriaKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolMaddisyn Evans
Holly Clark
1109Baking With Different SugarsKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolSamantha Cormier
Hannah Hiltz
1110Battling BacteriaKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolJenna Lortie
Danielle Healey
1111Blown or BurstGrand ViewLeah Gibson
Paige Simonen
1112Can You See It?Grand ViewCarter Parr
James Houghton
1113Can You See What Eye See?Grand ViewBrett Bertelsen
Chloe Wyslocky
1114colour vs tasteGrand ViewBrooklyn Thomlinson
Chloe Cormier
1115Crystal ClearKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolNevaeh Cyr
Taya Venneri
1116Does Age Affect Hand Eye Coordination.ParklandBella vendramini-hoskins
Madison ralph
1117Does Smell Effect Taste?PinewoodRhyanna Korschin
Autumn Leis
1118Does the Temperature Of Vinegar Effect the Reation?PinewoodGabrielle Snider
Madison McConnell-Smith
1119Does time really fly when you're having fun?Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolRowan Gordon
1120GGATS: GPS Guided Autonomous Transport SystemKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolShail Giroux
1121Gotta Blast!Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolDaniel Narducci
Aaron Chang
1122Hot IcePinewoodAshton Cashmore
Elyce Bowman
1123How well does your cleaner clean?R M MooreCarina Liguori
Julia Jackson
1124light the lampGrand ViewOwen Case
Clark Parker
1125Mathematical Symphony Parklandmiah duplassie
1126Monkey Hear Monkey ThinkGrand ViewAshlyn Acorn
Emily James
1127Musical BeatsGrand ViewCorinne Turgeon
Madelyn Bean
1128Organic Panic!Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolCoulson Broughton
1129pH Water TestPinewoodAbby Fletcher
Emily Simard
1130Pop FizzPinewoodAvery Boston
Meadow Rankin
1131Preventing phone batteries from depleting in the coldQueen ElizabethAva Zwirner
1132Quickest way to get fit Grand ViewConnor Wilson
Calem Mangone
1133Salt v.s. SugarGrand ViewGabby Korpela
Kiarah Perry
1134Tasting With Your NoseKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolMitchell Harris
1135World's Fastest Roller CoasterSt Paul SchoolDivit Gawri
McKena Cowan
1136What Material Absorbs the Most NoiseKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolJeremy Edwards
1137what plane flies the farthestParklandDanielle See
Mohamad Al Rahmoun
1138Does catch basin design impact the amount of plastic in the water system Queen ElizabethRay Rumiel
1139Does Photo Editing Effect EmotionQueen ElizabethNoah Irwin
1140Grey WaterSt BernadetteMichael Berlingieri
Connor Toms
1141How safe is your phoneSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKaydee Brown
Lydia Hauser
1143Is Fast Food Real Food?Queen ElizabethBreann Elliott
1144Is Silence Really Golden?Queen ElizabethLucinda Lafrance
1145Let it Snow?Anna McCreaVera Antunes
Brooke Donnelly
1146Marvelous MuffinsRosedaleAlexis Jonah
Celeste Schoahs
1148Optical IllusionsRosedaleTaelyn Santos
Kailyn Brown
1150Our Perpetual Motion MachineSt BernadetteAndrew Chilelli
Ailee Iacoe
1151Paws n' EffectRosedaleGabrielle Skyum
Sammi Dechamplain
1154Powering a L-E-D with potatoSt BernadetteDarshan Kasundra
Himanshu Seervi
1155Simba's StoryRosedaleOlivia Young
1156Taste vs SmellRosedaleDeanna St.Germain
Grace Stanghetta
1158Time PerceptionRosedaleLeeah Gartshore
Meeka Kelly
1160Tooth Be ToldRosedaleChelsea Kennedy
Emily Coutu
1161Waterfall: An Examination of Hydro PowerSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolEvan Morrison
1162BacteriaSt Paul SchoolLauren Bowden
Alexia Barone
1163Dance and MoodParklandAriana Petainen
1164Electrolyte ChallengeSt Bernadettecarmine perna
cooper foster
1165Hydroelectricity Power PlantSt Paul SchoolMaia Rollin
Cassandra McCauley
1166The 5 Second RuleSt Paul SchoolMalvika Gohil
Adam Morgenstern



2101You Are What Tree You EatSt Mary's CollegeJulie Delorme
Raili Kary
2102How Do Plants Grow Under Different Gaseous Compositions and TemperaturesSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKorey Miller-Boyle
2103Conservative CastingSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolEvan Baldwin
Nevan Keating
2104Crush This!Ecole sec Notre-Dame-des-Grands-LacsAmelia Spacek
2105Do Vitamins Berry with pH?Superior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKendra Lacasse
Audrey Vair
2106Does cell-phone usage affect reaction time?Superior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolJillian Ferguson
Hannah Booth
2107FibromyalgiaSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolSamantha Moon
Ellen Culp
2108How does radiation affects plant life?Superior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolGrace Passmore
Kelly Fenlon
2109Image CompressionSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolBraeden Hong
2110Living Micro Organisms in MilkSt Mary's CollegeGavin Garson
2111Music MotivatesSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolDomanique Camara
Rachel Reed
2112Rocket ScienceSt Mary's CollegeSebastian Praysner
2113The Power Of Advertising St Mary's CollegeChristina Filice
Taya Nicolle
2114THERMODYNAMIC POWER SAVER: A Drain Water Heat Recovery System Superior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolDaphné Dupuis
Mya St Jean
2115The Affects Excessive Amounts of Homework Have on Anxiety Levels in High School Students St Mary's CollegeMeaghan Reid



3101The effect of acidic water on the density of concrete formationKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolAvery Marsh
3102 The Effect of Increasing Melatonin Concentration on Oxidation of Malus Domestica Gala and TurbidityKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolAlicia Long
3103Innovative Alternative Fuel Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolDaria Humeniuc
3104Solar Power from Natural Anthocyanin DyeKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolSaurodeep Majumdar
3105Affect of Concentration of Citric Acid on Oxidation of an AppleKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolYash Vardhan
3106How Do Flowers Still Bloom?Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolRainbow Assiniwai
3107A UREAlity Check: How Over-fertilization affects Vitamin C Content in WheatgrassKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolSanskruti Patel
3108Antacid pH-un: The Effect of Antacids on the pH of Gastric AcidKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolMegan Aikens
3109Effects of Citric Acid on Tooth EnamelKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolOlivia Melisek
3110How effective are over-the-counter iron supplements?Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolGabrielle Turgeon
3111Affect of pH on the Hydrolysis of AspirinKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolSydney Belsito-Warick
3112Out With the Mold: The Effect of Increasing Concentrations of Honey & Calcium Propionate on MoldKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolJulia Casagrande
3113Purifying Water With CilantroKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolTeely Hopkin
3114How does increasing ionic radius of cations in salt solutions affect the amt of rust formed on steelKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKayla Stafford
3115The Effect of the Lattice Energy of a Salt on the Boiling Point of a Salt and Ethanol SolutionKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolWilliam Denninghoff
3116The effect of different compost types on the growth of lettuceKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKasia Dubreuil
3117Bromelain vs Whey ProteinKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolMitch Fillmore
3118How the concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide affects the absorbance of Cranberry JuiceKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolAlexandra LaDouceur
3119The Effect of Coffee and Tea on the Gestation of Raphanis raphanistrumKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolRebekah Moran
3120Effect of Ionic Radius Of Metallic Ion in Salt on Freezing Point Depression of IceKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolTaylor Barker
3121The Transposition Inhibition White Pines Collegiate & Vocational SchoolApril Lemire
3122The Effect of Heat on Electrolytes in Coconut WaterKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolGrace Koski
3123The Effect of Concentration of NaCl On The Average Melting Rate of Ice Cubes Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKatie Morrison