Confirmed Participants

The following is a list of all confirmed participants that the signature form has been received for. If you think you registered but you are not on this list, you should contact the Rotary Science Fair Algoma immediately.



1101Phosphates in the Great LakesEcole Notre-Dame-des-EcolesLiam Spacek
1102How Deep Is Your Sleep?Boreal French ImmersionBrady Hodkinson
Maximo Fajardo-Eshkibok
1103"A" is for ActivitiesHoly Cross Catholic Elementary SchoolEllery Bowman
Leah Johnstone
1104Fake News!River ViewKurtis Bondar
Ethan Wootton
1105Mind over MatterSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolEaston Whitfield
1106Whose Mouth is Cleaner?Grand ViewJames Houghton
Kylan Rowswell
1107Room Temperature and Quality of SleepKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolAva Engel
1108Can you find me?Superior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKaydee Brown
1109Defllating Deflate GateSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolBrady Deschene
Michael Starzomski
1110Teeth vs DrinksKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolElla Haas
1111Move To The BeatGrand ViewBrooklyn Thomlinson
Chloe Cormier
1112When You Try Your Best But You Don't SucceedGrand ViewLeah Gibson
Paige Simonen
1113Playing With FireGrand ViewCorinne Turgeon
Hannah Vanderburg
1114How High Will Room Temperature Balls Bounce Compared to Cold BallsPinewoodTrey Premo
Noah Mortson
1115Are They Still Here?Grand ViewMacartney Rendell
1116Rainbow TestPinewoodKadynce Lovelace
Kassandra Ranni
11175 Second Rule!Grand ViewBrooklyn Marzetti
1118Interaction DistractionGrand ViewOwen Case
Clark Parker
1119Similarity ScienceGrand ViewTyler Macknight
Dylan Ambeault
1120Does moving an object emitting sound effect the frequencyKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolMadison Frees
1121Cabbage Chemistry a natural pH scaleBoreal French ImmersionHelena Schoahs
Emma Malone
1122Don't Die for your DyeF H Clergue Public SchoolAlex Cadham
Kaelyn Albert
1123Tooth DecayTarentorusKayla Kletke
Alexis Olar
1124Oil Free OceansF H Clergue Public SchoolCassie Barton
1125Under PressureBoreal French ImmersionLily Mick
Kiera Pauze-Reid
1126Which salt can help prevent health problems?Superior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolCash Coventry
1127Does music affect plants?F H Clergue Public SchoolAnnie Varpio
1128Rhythm Of My HeartGrand ViewTristan Gioia
Ethan Niro
1129Edible Water BottlesPinewoodAbby Fletcher
Emily Simard
1130Clean(er) Water?Anna McCreaBrooke Donnelly
Phoebe Fisher
1131Greasy HairAnna McCreaMackenzie Wyatt
Myles Pollard
1132Salt BustersAnna McCreaAbbas Syed
Nathan Adams
1133Changing Freezing PointsAnna McCreaTyler Greco
1134Testing the LimitGrand ViewRayna Bertelsen
Natalie Haldenby
1135More Than Meets The EarBoreal French ImmersionJeffrey Chen
Mackenzie Inglis



2101Sugar StimulatesSuperior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational SchoolKendra Lacasse
Rachel Reed



3101Vampire E. Coli - Antimicrobial Properties of Garlic Against E. ColiKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolJenna Vecchio
3102Hot Aunt-AcidKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolHaarani Babu
3103Bread and Booze: How does the concentration of sucrose affect the rate of respiration by yeast?Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolCatherine Quon
3104Rub a Dub Dub Two Spuds in a TubKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolStephanie Katajamaki
3105Disappearing IbuprofenKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolVictoria Talvitie
3106The Great Enzyme RaceKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolEmma Farrell
3107Cereal KillerKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolAbigail Henry
3108Green OilKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolStephen Tan
3109Germ BustersKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolTori Aikens
3110Eatin' Da BerryKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolCassandra Carlson
3111Where Do Microplastics Come From?St Mary's CollegeJessica Morin
3112Antacids - Which brand of antacid is the most effective at neutralizing excess stomach acid?Korah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolLynnea Barker
3113Running Away from HomeostasisKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolLuke May
3114Measuring the Speed of Light Through an EggSt Mary's CollegeEric Bondar
Kiera Czop
3115Investigating Boiling of Broccoli in Relation to Vitamin C ConcentrationKorah Collegiate & Vocational SchoolChristopher Rattle