2006 Divisional Award Winners

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Professional Institute of Public Servants Award

  Best in Biotechnology ($75 cash)
    (1102) Electromagnetic Fields - Short or Long Term Effects
        Students: Julean Albidone , Peter Nearing
        School: St Paul School

Attilio Berdusco Award

  Best in Health Sciences ($75 cash)
    (1411) Which Pop Decays Teeth Faster?
        Student: Matthew Aleksa
        School: Grand View

Ontario Power Generation Award

  Best in Earth and Environmental Sciences ($75 cash)
    (1201) Filtration System
        Student: Katie Pietrzakowski
        School: St Mary's French Immersion

Algoma Steel Award

  Best in Engineering and Computing Sciences ($75 cash)
    (3302) Efficiency of a Rocket Engine
        Students: Michaela Kuuskman , Kyle McLeod
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School

Don Wallace Memorial Award

  Best in Life Sciences ($75 cash)
    (1508) Colour and Behaviour
        Students: Kaylee Wisternoff , Jessica Sidwell
        School: Grand View

Don Wallace Memorial Award

  Best in Physical and Mathematical Sciences ($75 cash)
    (3603) A Mathematical Model of the Acoustical Properties of the Transverse Concert Flute
        Students: Matt Laporte , Bo Lu
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School