2007 Other Award Winners

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

    (1201) Grey Water
        Student: Alexei Berg
        School: St Mary's French Immersion

Don Wallace Memorial Award

    (1304) Electric Mototr How they Work
        Student: Neil Hall
        School: Grand View

Great Lakes Forestry Centre Award

    (3204) The CO2(g) Efflux of Forestry Practices on a Closed Environment as Simulated by Homestead Peas
        Student: Kyle Cormier
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School

Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories Award

    (1603) Rust Busters
        Student: Cameron Aitken
        School: Parkland

Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories Award

    (3502) How do Plastic and Phthlate Coated Pharmaceuticals Compare in their Ability to withstand Decompositi
        Students: John Gencarelli , Jeff McAllister
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School

MDS Laboratory Services Award

    (1513) HUMAN CLONING
        Students: Brett Chandler , Riley Bradford
        School: St Pius X

University of Ontario Institute of Technology Award

    (1309) Twitch A Line Following Robot
        Student: Jesse Guzzo
        School: East View

University of Ottawa Scholarship

    (3208) Investigation of the Degrading Effects of pH on Seven Polymer Materials
        Student: Matt Laporte
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School