2009 Special Award Winners

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EnviroExpo Special Award

  EnviroExpo Special Award ($100 cash)
        Students: Jordan Allick , Austin Kirkwood
        School: Grand View

Environmental Innovator Award

   ($100 cash)
    (1212) The Dark Side of Snow
        Students: Mackenzie Caruso , Jamie DeAmorim
        School: St Paul School

University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship Award

   ($1000 scholarship)
    (3203) How does herbicide application affect long term forest stand development?
        Student: Allister Smith
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School

The UOIT Innovation Award

   ($100 cash)
    (3405) What's Up With... 7-UP
        Student: Brianne Madonna
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School

    (1603) What's Your Favourite Colour-Cabbage Juice as a pH Indicator
        Student: Emily Aleksa
        School: Grand View

The Hydro One Energy Ambassador Award

   ($100 cash)
    (1802) DRAINING POWER: Waste Water Cell Phone Charger !!
        Students: Jordan Dubie , Shanelle Mathieu
        School: Ecole Notre-Dame-des-Ecoles