2018 Special Award Winners

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Scientific Communication

   ($50 cash)
    (3104) Solar Power from Natural Anthocyanin Dye
        Student: Saurodeep Majumdar
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School

Sport Science

   ($50 cash)
    (2111) Music Motivates
        Students: Domanique Camara , Rachel Reed
        School: Superior Heights Intermediate Collegiate & Vocational School

Individual Merit

   ($50 cash)
    (1131) Preventing phone batteries from depleting in the cold
        Student: Ava Zwirner
        School: Queen Elizabeth

CWSF - Lists the students selected for the CWSF

  Identifies the students attending the CWSF
    (2101) You Are What Tree You Eat
        Students: Julie Delorme , Raili Kary
        School: St Mary's College

    (1120) GGATS: GPS Guided Autonomous Transport System
        Student: Shail Giroux
        School: Korah Collegiate & Vocational School

    (1145) Let it Snow?
        Students: Vera Antunes , Brooke Donnelly
        School: Anna McCrea