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2019 Special Awards

2019 - The Al Appleton Worksafe Award - Worker's Compensation Board of British Columbia

2019 - Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC, Central Interior Branch Award

Perpetual Trophy and $50

2019 - BC Agriculture in the Classroom Award

2019 - BC Game Developers Innovation Award

Awarded to one Grade 7-8, one Grade 9-10, and one Grade 11-12 project whose project demonstrates creativity and innovation in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or astronomy. The award encourages the participation of women, First nations, and others traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. $50.00, $100.00, and $150.00

2019 - BC Hydro Power Pioneers Award

Perpetual Trophy, Certificate, $100

2019 - BC Institute of Agrologists-Cariboo Central Interior Award

Perpetual Trophy $100.00 cash (For all cash awards, if the project is completed by two students, the money will be shared.) n

2019 - BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Environmental Award

Perpetual trophy and gift certificate.

2019 - BC Nature Award (Federation of BC Naturalists)

One prize of $75 for a project in grades 6 to 8, and one for a project in grades 9 to 12.

2019 - BC Science Teachers' Award


2019 - Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society-Interior BC/Yukon Chapter Award

$250 cash

2019 - CANFOR Forestry Award

Perpetual Trophy and Plaque

2019 - Cercle des Canadiens Francais Prix Pour La Maitrise de la Langue Francaise

Perpetual trophy.

2019 - Darrell W. Dimler Judges Choice Award

Perpetual Trophy and 2 adult and 2 child passes to Science World Valued at $85.50

2019 - Genome British Columbia Award

2019 - Innovate BC Young Innovator Scholarship

$2000 scholarship to be awarded at the fair. If partners, each partner receives $2000

2019 - Integris Community Enhancement Award

Perpetual trophy, plaque, $250 each project

2019 - The Mackenzie Secondary Automotive Innovation Award

Perpetual trophy.

2019 - The Michael Crooks Physics Prize (BC Association of Physics Teachers)

2019 - Northern Health Sciences Award

Perpetual trophy.

2019 - R.E.A.P.S. Award

$50 and Plaque

2019 - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-Prince George Centre Award

One year youth membership in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-Prince George Centre

2019 - Science Alliance Award

Gift and Family Day Pass for The Exploration Place

2019 - SCWIST Award (Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology)

Certificate, Perpetual Trophy, $100

2019 - SHAW Multimedia Award

2019 - Ted Rogers Innovation Award

Awarded to a student in grades 8 -12 for an outstanding project that demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit and commercial potential.

2019 - UNBC Active Minds Award

One week registration fee for UNBC Active Minds Summer Camp

2019 - UNBC Mathematics and Statistics Award

Perpetual Trophy and Plaque (keeper)

2019 - Women in Engineering and Geoscience Award

Awarded to a young woman, or a partnership including at least one young woman, who presents and communicates an ingenious solution to an engineering or applied science problem/project by applying their knowledge of science and math.

2019 - Discovery Ocean Plastic Innovation Award

Nomination for an outstanding project that could help reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. The project would depict an innovative idea in areas including green design, waste management, clean up, or policy and regulation. Two cash awards of $5,000 each will be given to the top projects.

2019 - W. E. Coates Nomination Award