2016 Other Award Winners

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Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists Award

  Participate & display project at annual scientific meeting (ASM) held on July 20th-23rd, 2016 in St. John's
    (3106) CALM: A Computational Approach for Landslide Mitigation and Study
        Student: Nitish Bhatt
        School: Gonzaga High School

    (2104) Effects of Obesity and Posture on Lower Extremity of Human Body
        Student: Oishi Hawlader
        School: Gonzaga High School

    (2102) Aquaculture Unutilized Resources: Perspective Source of Biofuel
        Student: Nisarg Dave
        School: Gonzaga High School

    (3214) Low Cost Phantom Model for Point of Care Ultrasound Training
        Student: Dina Shehata
        School: Holy Heart

    (3205) Music and Memory
        Students: Caitlin Harte , Sophie Penney
        School: Holy Heart

    (3201) It's only Brain Surgery! Developing a Simulation Tool to train Non-Neurosurgeons to perform Craniotomies for Trauma
        Students: Nora Boone , Grace Clarke
        School: Holy Heart

    (3207) Effects of Exposure to Offshore Oil Emergency Response Activities on Feather Microstructure and Mass of Thick-billed Murres
        Student: Caitlyn Pratt
        School: Holy Heart

    (3219) How Does Microwave Radiation Effect the Growth of Bean and Pea Plants?
        Students: Megan Spencer , Miriam Simmons
        School: Holy Heart