Welcome to the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair Registration System

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FVRSF Participant Registration Instructions

For the summary of Dates/Deadlines see Important Dates.

Registration Details

To begin registering for the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair, click on Login/Register on the left menu and then register as a Participant.  

Enter your email address, and click the "Begin" button.

You will see the following message:

"You have been identified as a new registrant. An email has been sent to <your email address> which contains your new registration number. Please check your email to obtain your registration number and then enter it below"

At this stage you must open your email and obtain the registration number that has been sent to you. It could take up to several minutes for the email to reach your account, so please be patient. Once you receive it, copy and paste the registration number into the "Registration Number" box and click "Submit". This registration number effectively becomes your password, so print it or write it down in a safe place as you will need it in the future to log back in.

For two-person group projects, only one of the two group members needs to perform the initial step of obtaining a registration number. Once the one group member logs in, they will add the second group member to the project. DO NOT fill out two separate applications for a single group project.

You will now be at the main participant registration overview page. There are several sections to complete here:

  • Student Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Project Information **see descriptions of challenges below to help decide which category is best for your project  
  • Mentor Information
  • Safety Information

As you enter information, the 'Status' column will change from 'Incomplete' to 'Complete'. Some of the sections require other sections to be done first. Student Information must be completed before you will be able to click on the Emergency Contact Information, or Project Information links. Once all of the above sections are 'Complete' you will be allowed to download the Signature Page (the text will change to a clickable link like the other sections).

**Project Challenge Categories:

  1. Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: my project helps ensure food security, sustainability or competitiveness in agriculture, fisheries or food production
  2. Curiosity and Ingenuity: my project helps improve our understanding or address a problem in an area of STEM not covered by the other challenges
  3. Digital Technology: my project helps improve our quality of life or transform existing products and services through digital devices, methods or systems
  4. Disease and Illness: my project helps enhance our diagnosis, treatment or understanding of disease, or the management of physical or mental illness
  5. Energy: my project helps improve our use of current energy sources, enable the transition to alternative energy sources, or reduce our energy footprint
  6. Environment and Climate Change: my project helps ensure the quality of water, air, soil or the diversity of living things, or manage the impact of climate change
  7. Health and Wellness: my project helps prevent disease or promote physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, or intellectual wellbeing
  8. Natural Resources: my project helps ensure the sustainable management, use, reuse or recycling of Earth’s finite or renewable natural resources

Signature Page - You must print this page off, and;

  1. Sign it yourself
  2. Have your parent/guardian sign it. For two-person projects, there will be two lines for student signatures and two lines for parent/guardian signatures -- one for each student. Please only send in one signature form per group project. Once the registration forms are complete, they can be sent along with payment to the FVRSF either in paper form or electronically.

PAPER FORM: Please mail the registration form to: Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair, c/o University of the Fraser Valley / Faculty of Science, 33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8. Please include payment for the registration fee of $30 PER STUDENT by cheque made out to "The University of the Fraser Valley" with the registration form.

ELECTRONIC FORM: Please email registration form to fvrsf@ufv.ca and call 604-504-7441 ext 4825 to make payment by credit card over the phone. 

Upon receipt of your signature page and registration fee, we will process your application.

But wait! You're not done yet!

Registration for Special Awards is then required on the FVRSF website. You must log back into your account during the time listed on Important Dates for Special Awards self-nomination to do the following:

  1. Confirm that you are registered! The last item in the registration overview page is "Signature Page Received". If this is not "Complete" and you have sent your form in, you must contact the FVRSF immediately because it means we have not received your form! You will also see your Project Number at the top of this page. Write it down and bring it with you when you come to setup your project, as it will simplify your sign-in process on project setup day. If the "Signature Page Received" item is "Complete", then you will be able to continue with the next step.
  2. Nominate yourself for Special Awards. Once you have confirmed that your Signature Page has been received, the link for "Self-nominate for Special Awards" will become active on the right side of the page. If you do not wish to nominate yourself for any special awards, you must still login, and choose the option "I do not wish to nominate myself for any special awards". You may self-nominate yourself for a maximum of 2 special awards. Please only nominate yourself for awards that you are eligible to win, as nominating yourself for irrelevant awards only creates more work for our volunteer judges.

Should you have any questions regarding the registration process, please email us at fvrsf@ufv.ca.