Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair

Welcome to the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair registration site.

Using the links on the left students can register their science fair projects.  Please note, DO NOT register as a teacher / schoolEach project must be registered by an individual student, using a personal e-mail address as his/her user login.

A teacher can only register a class project.

We welcome teachers and interested members of the public to support the Regional Science Fair by registering as judges, using the Judge link.

Please contact any member of the Committee at if you have any questions.




ALL participants MUST provide a log book to be eligible for awards. The log book's level of detail will vary between grades. The log book is the rough record of your project. It is a journal containing your thoughts, actions you take, observations you see, rough data you take, and everything relating to your project. Start one at the beginning of your project and write into it any time you’re thinking or working on your project. We cannot stress enough how important your log book is for your success in science fair. Make sure to bring it with you to display at the fair. Learn how to use a log book >

A written report is not necessary at the regional level, however you can write one if you want. Participants from Grades 7-12 who advance to nationals will be required to provide a written report. This report is a summary of your project and is an exercise in scientific writing style, requiring you to select only information that is important and stating it in a concise way. Find out what Youth Science Canada looks for in a report at the National level >