Frontenac, Lennox and Addingtion Science Fair

Registration Home Page

Click on "Login/Register" on the left and then select the link to register either as a student/participant or as a judge.

To return to the FLASF web site, go to


Registration Details for Students/Participants:

1. Click on the "Login/Register" option in the left hand menu, and select: "I am a participant" under the "Participant" option shown.

2. Enter your email address, and review to ensure it is accurate,  then click "Begin".

3.  A message will be sent to this email address, providing you with your registration number. This number will serve as your password to enter the registration site.  (Note that if you are working with a partner, only one member of the group should complete the login process.)

4. Using your email and registration number, return to this web site and complete your registration.  If you have problems or questions registering or logging in, contact

5. See the Schedule Page on the web site for registration dates and deadlines.  Remember, The signature page, along with the $15 student registration fee must be received by FLASF by the deadline. 

6. Once all of the information has been completed and the signature page received by FLASF, you will notice that your status will change to complete and you will be fully registered. 

*NOTE:  If you have not completed your project by the registration deadline, you must still complete the on-line registration by that date including a project summary.  You can add a sentence at the end of the summary explaining that final results and conclusions will be presented at the fair.  Note that 10% of your score comes from this summary.


Registration Details for Judges


1.  Click on the "Login/Register" option in the left hand menu and select "I am a new judge and would like to register to judge" under the "Judge" option.

2.  Enter your name and email address.  Review to ensure it is accurate, then click "Register" at the bottom of the page.

3.  A message will be sent to this email address, providing you with a temporary password.  You will have to change this password when you first login.

4.  Once you have this temporary password, return to this site and follow the instructions: "IF YOU ARE A RETURNING JUDGE" (see below).


1.  Click on the "Login/Register" option in the left hand menu and select "I am a judge and I already have an account: under the "Judge" option.

2.  Enter your email and password (use the email address and password that you used in previous year's judging).

3.  Once on the site, all judges should complete all pages of the registration form.  After entering your information and before moving to the next page, PLEASE CLICK ON THE SAVE BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH PAGE.  In the "Other Information" page, you need to identify if you are a "Category Judge" or a "Special Awards Judge".  Returning Judges should verify the correctness of the information brought forward from last year and select their judging time.

If you have problems or questions logging into or using the system you should contact