2013 Grand Award Winners

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Best of Fair Awards

  Honorable Mention Plaque
    (4402) Comparing the UVB Protection provided by Sunscreen When the SPF and Applied Mass are Changed
        Student: Celeste Suart
        School: Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School

  Bronze Plaque and Trophy
    (2108) TIRE'd of waste
        Student: Dawson Ethier
        School: Calvin Park Public School

    (2311) Advanced Recreational Aircraft Design
        Student: Cove McConnell
        School: Calvin Park Public School

  Silver Plaque and Trophy
    (2201) Hull of a Good Design: Designing a test apparatus and testing hull designs for the optimal hull
        Student: Dylan Layton-Matthews
        School: Calvin Park Public School

  Gold Plaque and Queen's University Trophy
    (2205) The Effect of Temperature on the Elasticity of a Golf Ball
        Student: Cole Gouveia
        School: Kingston Christian School