2016 Divisional Award Winners

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Senior Category

  Gold Medal ($80 cash)
    (2101) Bringing Back Water
        Student: Jayatee Ray
        School: Saint John High School

  Silver Medal ($60 cash)
    (2202) You're Getting Warmer
        Student: Ria Kunkulol
        School: Saint John High School

  Bronze Medal ($40 cash)
    (2103) Instinct versus Reaction Control
        Student: Yuyang (Evelyn) Cui
        School: Kennebecasis Valley High School

Junior Category

  Gold Medal ($80 cash)
    (1105) How Sweet are you?
        Student: Sophy Craig
        School: Fundy High School

    (1204) Out of Air
        Student: Jacob Gomke
        School: Bayside Middle School

    (1201) Water Rust Out
        Student: Liam Leslie
        School: Deer Island Community School

  Silver Medal ($60 cash)
        Student: Noah Anthony
        School: Fundy High School

    (1106) Rincer pour menacer
        Student: Chenny Nam
        School: Fundy High School

    (1226) Moulin de vent vertical ou horizontal
        Students: Jonah Peterson , Andrew Bachynsky
        School: Quispamsis Middle School

    (1232) Levitation Magnetique / Magnetic Levitation
        Student: Emma Giberson
        School: Macdonald Consolidated School

    (1225) Le temps de reaction
        Student: Claire Oliver
        School: River Valley Middle School

    (1126) Testing Reaction times using different coloured stimuli
        Student: Gerry Bidgood
        School: River Valley Middle School

  Bronze Medal ($40 cash)
    (1210) Evaporation Evacuation
        Student: Makayla Hanley
        School: Blacks Harbour School

    (1104) beurre d'arachide; danger invisible
        Student: Avery Amos
        School: St. Stephen Middle School

    (1209) Faire Glace a le Rondelle
        Student: Cali Celeste
        School: Sussex Middle School

    (1211) The Follow Through
        Students: Colin Higdon , Isiah Rose
        School: Bayside Middle School

    (1117) La Memoire/Memory
        Student: Maddie Ashe & Molly Frenette
        School: Rothesay Park School

    (1218) Which goes faster, heavier or light?
        Students: Julian Johansen-Morris , Joey Haarsma
        School: Belleisle Regional High School

    (1114) Sweet as Sugar?
        Student: Stuart White
        School: Princess Elizabeth School

    (1215) Which Lacrosse Mesh Performs Better in Tough Weather?
        Student: Simon Jackson
        School: Millidgeville North School

    (1120) To Determine Which Drink Provides More Electrolytes
        Student: Connor Savoie
        School: Forest Hills School