2019 Divisional Award Winners

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Junior Category

  Gold Medal ($80 cash)
    (1217) Blind Sight
        Students: Brad Paynter , Charlie Epworth
        School: Marshview Middle School

    (1111) The Clucker
        Students: Brayden Drysdale , Ashton Weldon
        School: Magnetic Hill School

  Silver Medal ($60 cash)
    (1119) Attrape-moi si tu peux
        Student: Sawyer Russell
        School: St. Stephen Middle School

    (1213) Fabrique en Feu
        Student: Sadie Dakai
        School: Fundy High School

    (1218) Une luge pour le hockey de rue
        Student: Dante Cormier
        School: Riverview East School

    (1114) Natural Recycling systwm
        Student: Sydney Mason
        School: Riverview East School

  Bronze Medal ($40 cash)
    (1101) Les Baumes Antiobiotics
        Student: Carson Kennedy
        School: Millidgeville North School

    (1210) Get a Grip
        Student: Emma Coakley
        School: Bayside Middle School

    (1102) Project ReFuse
        Student: Tom van Velzen
        School: Sir James Dunn Academy

    (1112) Cleaning the Ocreans in a Green Way
        Students: Ashlyn Bourgeois , Emily Tanton
        School: Riverview East School

        Student: Jocelyn Connell
        School: Forest Hills School

    (1219) EDI- BOTTLE
        Student: Christian Asimakos
        School: Princess Elizabeth School

Senior Category

  Gold Medal ($80 cash)
    (2210) Mathematical Modeling of Pneumatic Pouch Motors
        Student: Hannah Boucher
        School: St. Malachy's Memorial High School

  Silver Medal ($60 cash)
    (2211) Magnetic Levitation Through the Generation of Magnetic Fields
        Student: Andrew Young
        School: Moncton High School

  Bronze Medal ($40 cash)
    (2218) Eco-friendly Gold Recovery
        Students: Isaac Richard , Alita Herrington
        School: Hampton High School