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2017 Special Awards

2017 - American Industrial Hygiene Section Award

To be awarded to the project that best demonstrates the principles of industrial hygiene as it relates to protecting the health and safety of the community.

2017 - Al Appleton Worksafe Award

To be awarded to the best project demonstrating the principles of occupational hygiene. Occupational hygiene is the discipline of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the work place.

2017 - Association of Professional Engineering & Geoscientists of BC Award GVRSF

To be awarded to outstanding engineering projects. Projects eligible for this award include those in the fields of chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, industrial and mechanical engineering as well as systems design.

2017 - Association of Professional Engineering & Geoscientists of BC - Trophy

2017 - BC Agriculture in the Classroom Award

To be awarded to an outstanding project that shows the practical application of scientific principles to agriculture.

2017 - BC Greenhouse Growers' Association Award

To be awarded to an outstanding project that demonstrates the creative use of advanced science and technology to enhance vegetable plant productivity and quality. Projects eligible for this award include those in the area of biological pest control, irrigation, nutrition, growing media, climate control and mechanics.

2017 - BC Hydro Power Pioneers Award

To be awarded to a student(s) who creates a projects which creatively demonstrates electrical conservation and its environmental, social and economic impacts.

2017 - BC Nature Award

To be awarded at each British Columbia Regional Science Fair to the best natural history project done by a student(s) in Grades 7 to 12. This includes studies of any aspect of natural history, conservation of natural habitats, or the conservation of natural species.

2017 - BC Science Teachers' Award

To be awarded to a student(s) from grades 7 or 8 for an experimental project in any category that has clearly presented an hypothesis and independent, controlled variables.

2017 - Betsy Bennett Marine Stewardship Award (Vancouver Aquarium)

To be awarded to the most exceptional project related to marine science. “Marine science” can include biology, conservation, ecology, chemistry, oceanography, and other related disciplines that have a marine focus or application.

2017 - Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Award

This award will be given to the best science fair project to apply scientific principles to a problem from atmospheric or oceanic science or a related environmental discipline.

2017 - David Laugharne Award

To be awarded to a project that incorporates new technology into the design, implementation or presentation of the work.

2017 - DAWEG Award

Junior and Senior only, to be awarded to a female student or a partnership with at least one female on the team who effectively and enthusiastically communicates an original solution to an engineering or applied science problem/project by applying their knowledge of science and math.

2017 - Genome BC Scholarship Nomination

Nomination: To be awarded to a Grade 11 or 12 student who has developed a science and technology project focused on areas of strategic importance such as human health, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, bioenergy, mining and the environment. The winner must pursue a science degree and will be required to submit proof of enrolment at a post secondary institution in BC.

2017 - Genome British Columbia Award

To be awarded to two projects dealing with a topic of genomic interest.

2017 - In Ink Scientific Writing Award

To be awarded to a student in any age category whose written work (paper or poster) most effectively communicates what research was done and why the work is important.

2017 - James International Award

An award of a microscope to a single-student project in which the students demonstrate an interest in microbials or microscopic organisms.

2017 - The Michael Crooks Physics Award

To be awarded to an outstanding physics-related project.

2017 - Neil Towers Award for Plant Biology (UBC Botany Department)

To be awarded to the best Plant Biology-related project submitted by a student(s) in Grades 7 to 12. Projects may be observational or experimental, and all fields of Plant Biology will be considered.

2017 - Science World Award

To be awarded to a first-time entrant from any grade category. The project will show ingenuity/creativity.

2017 - SFU Department of Chemistry Award

To be awarded to a project that displays a knowledge and application of chemistry.

2017 - Students' Choice Award

As selected by a vote by the participants

2017 - SCWIST Award

To be given to a young woman in the Grades 8 to 10 categories whose project shows the greatest curiosity, ingenuity and innovation in design. The award is intended to encourage the student's interest in science. A student may not receive this award more than once.

2017 - Structural Engineering Association of BC Young Members Group Award

To be awarded to a student(s) at any grade who demonstrates interest, enthusiasm, and understanding in the field of Structural Engineering. Structural Engineering is the design of structures such as buildings and bridges. Possible topics considered for this prize are: the design or analysis of a structure; building materials (concrete, steel, wood, brick); loads on structures (wind, snow, earthquakes); buildings or structural materials in extreme conditions (fire, underwater, extreme cold); different building member types (beams, columns, cross-braces, trusses); historical structural failures or structural feats.

2017 - UBC Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Awarded to an outstanding biotechnology project

2017 - UBC Computer Science Award

Project demonstrates the impact of the principles and practices of Computer Science

2017 - UBC Engineering Physics Award

To be awarded to the Science Fair project(s) that best embodies applications of Physics and Engineering Physics to providing a technology solution to a real-world problem.

2017 - UBC School of Population and Public Health Award

Awarded to the best project that identifies and attempts to control hazards to human health in the workplace, urban environmental, or recreational environment.

2017 - UBC Statistics Award

To be awarded for the best use of statistical methods in data collection and analysis.

2017 - Vancouver Mycology Society Award

To be awarded at GVRSF to the best mycology related project submitted by a student(s). All fields of investigation into molds and mushrooms will be considered, e.g. ecology, conservation, use as food, industrial applications, plant/forest pathology, toxicology, etc. Laboratory experimentation as well as field studies are eligible; projects that engage aspects of both are especially encouraged.

2017 - Vancouver School Board Award

To be awarded to a project done by a student from a Vancouver School District public school.

2017 - WE Coates Award Nomination

Nomination: To be awarded to an outstanding Junior or Intermediate project related to land, aquatic or marine environment or rehabilitation.

2017 - SFU Scholarship

2017 - UBC Science Entrance Award

Student(s) who presents an outstanding project in their respective category. The winner must show creativity, innovation and originality in their work.

2017 - BCIC Young Innovator Scholarship

To be awarded to a senior student(s) who has developed a science and technology innovation with the potential to benefit British Columbia. The winner(s) must enroll full-time upon graduation in a science and technology program in a British Columbia post-secondary institution. The awardee is not eligible for other BCIC scholarships.

2017 - Chief Judge Award

Recipient to be selected by Chief Judge of the fair

2017 - John O'Connor Award

The John O'Connor Award recognizes a student that has repeat participation in the Regional Fair and has increased their project development skills. It was established by the Parent Advisory Committee of Point Grey Mini School to honour Mr. O'Connor.

2017 - UBC Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Award

To be awarded to an outstanding engineering project.