computer control batch distillation
Qingyang Chang
Rockridge Secondary
Floor Location : M 093 N

This project involve lots of new ideas and creative element.Almost everything is conscidered in the design peroid. It is very safe because there is lots of safety component and everything were done by computer but not people.It is automatic control so it is not necessary to operator to do difficult job. safety component like patrol instrument and PID regulater have been instal so the distillation plant can work stablely under different envornment.
Same point with current factory used batch distillation plant:
1. Some current used batch distillation plant already used PID principal to control the temperature.
2. The main execute part are mostly same.
3. Heating belt was used to heat the distillation column.
4. Automatic timer was used to control the bake-flow rate.
5. The used of double-side condenser to provide a large cooling area.

Different point compare to current used batch distillation plant:
1. More automatic components were used in my distillation plant.
2. Three PID regulators were used to provide more information.
3. Temperature of the vapor can be recorded by a paperless digital recorder so clear information can be provided.
4. Four glass flow meter controls cooling liquid flow, gas input flow, vacuum flow and automatic dry air flow.
5. Pulse pressure release system was invented to release the vacuum safer.
6. Pressure gage were used to control the cooling liquid pressure in case of explosion due to over pressure.
7. Either city water or cooling water circulation machine can take the duty of cooling the system, cooling machine can provide a maximum -30C low temperature.
8. Over temperature alarm is install to prevent over heated
9. Patrol instrument can prevent operator accidently dismember the experiment.
10. Both automatic and menu manual operation are available in case some sophisticated experiment require unordinary conditions.
11. Collection container exchange valve system let operator able to change the collection container without disturbing the vacuum degree in the main system.
12. Air bobble mixing system can provide a controllable and safe way to mixing the sample can it can also provide nucleate points in order to prevent bumping.
13. Automatic washing and drying system can do the cleanup very convenient, operator can wash the apparatus without contact to chemical or discompose the apparatus
Sell point of this plant:
1. This plant is very cheap compare to normal automatic control plat.
2. This plant occupies only 0.25m2 to install.
3. This plant has lots of safety instrument so it is very safe.
4. Everything are done by computer so human error can be controlled.