Fresh Air Green Bin
Arjun Vallipuram
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : M 110 N

For my project, I designed and developed an organic scraps bin that utilizes activated carbon filters and Ammosorb, a non-toxic, organic, chemical to significantly reduce the emission of odours and potentially harmful gases. I called it the Fresh Air Green Bin. I was prompted to do this project due to the fact that whenever I used the green bin that the city gave my family, a blast of different unpleasant odours would instantly fill my nose, and eventually my whole kitchen. This is a huge problem, as something small like a stinky green bin, could be the reason many people are discouraged from using their bins effectively. This results in them throwing their organic waste in the landfill, and from there the food waste will produce leachate, a toxic liquid, and many greenhouse gases. So to solve the problem of a stinky green bin, I designed a bin that is able to counter the three major gases that are produced during the decomposition of food: hydrogen sulphide, methane, and ammonia. As I mentioned before the items that the Fresh Air Green Bin utilizes are activated carbon filters and Ammosorb deodorizing granules. According to my research, hydrogen sulphide and methane will only give a rancid stench if they react together. The activated carbon filters are designed to trap and eliminate hydrogen sulphide. This will make the methane appear odourless. The ammonia gas is countered through the Ammosorb. Ammosorb is a non-toxic, organic material that acts as an ammonia sponge. It is traditionally used in factories to clean up ammonia spills. Now that I had researched and obtained my materials, I just needed to design and construct the bin. I designed the bin so that the carbon filters are placed around the perimeter of the bin, covering the ventilation. This ensures that all the air flowing in, and out, will be filtered. The Ammosorb however, is located on the inside of bin. It is contained in special attachments. The attachments are modified PVC pipes that are ventilated and lined with an organic cloth that allows air flow, whilst preventing the deodorizing granules from spilling. The attachments come in two variations. One for use without a bag, and the other for use with a bag. The fact that the Fresh Air Green Bin is compatible with both types of green bin users makes it much easier to use.