Planet Hestia
Freya Cirulis
Tecumseh Elementary
Floor Location : J 044 V

Hestia is a planet of science and imagination. It was created by analyzing conditions on earth and the varius impacts that astral and geological phenomna have on a planet. Portrayed in the most indepth mater is the south Meggina plateau, which i have disected to present the chains of life and the various interactions between animals (predators and prey) plants and land. There are various concepts in my presentation, and they include:rnrnAnimals, Evolution, Adaptation and Interaction.rnrnPlants, Evolution, Benefits, Long standing effects and relation between animals and enviroment.rnrnEnviroments and Bio-spheres, what they are, some examples from earth and the differences between their creatures.rnrnHestia and Earth, The Use of a Venn Diagram To Highlight their Differences and Simalarities. rnrnConclusion: What i learned, how it can be applied, and what improtance this project has in the scientific community.rnrnThese are the main components in my presentation, and they are the most important things in my project. The purpose of my science project was to find a creative way to demostrate my indepth studies of earth sciences.