Simple Fuel Cells
Theodore Husby
Island Pacific School
Floor Location : J 109 E

rnAbstractrn The purpose of this project was to give myself and others a greater understanding of how a basic fuel cell works and what variables affect the functioning of it. rn For the first test, two platinum wires were suspended in a glass of water that was either chlorinated or unchlorinated, and an electric current was run through them for one or two minutes. The electricity that was collected and then given off from the fuel cell was recorded as peak voltage and duration of power output. It was found that chlorinated water charged for one minute had the best results for both criteria. Chlorinated water that was charged for two minutes was next,then unchlorinated and charged for two minutes. Last, but not far behind, was unchlorinated waster that was charged for one minute.rn For the next test containers were put over the electrodes so that they collected the gasses that came off the electrodes. This test was meant to prove that the apparatus was creating hydrogen and oxygen and to see whether higher voltage affected the speed that the gasses were produced. However, the test could not be completed because of equipment failure.