Chewing Gum-The Cooling Effects!
Sofia Pineda, Leslie Pineda
Vancouver Technical Secondary
Floor Location : S 198 H

The idea to illustrate the effect of the Mint-Menthol Chewing Gum grew within the reading of research with human volunteers demonstrating that menthol reduces the respiratory discomfort associated with loaded breathing.rnThe objective was to find evidence to suggest that menthe chewing gum with its cooling, volatile, burning, irritant, air-hunger sensations in upper and lower airway causes a decrease in the volumes of FEV1, CV, and peak flow during breathing.Therere are more cold sensitive receptors(CMR1) which are members of the TRP (transient receptor-potential) family of excitatory ion channels.We describe a model of study this project in two components:rnA) Comparing the effect of three different brands of Chewing Gum: Dentyne Ice Intense ,Excel EXTREME Charge ,Dentyne Ice Shiver Frissons. There were ten healthy volunteers, each subject was measured in height and weight; age and sex were also registered . Posterior to a simple Spirometry and Pletysmography tests performed.rnB) In other group of ten different healthy volunteers we examined one sample of brand of Extreme Voltage Chewing Gum, each were given six tablets of this brand. There are responses that talk about a kind of effect of the stimuli and there are other responses that talk about the stimuli of the trigemine nerve about the sensation in this work. Our thinking about finding changes which decreased the volumes in a deeper inhalation and exhalation with the stimuli, are based from the response of the volunteers at the moment of chewing the gum. There it basically resets thermal receptors, sensitizing them to cooling. This cooling depends heavily on evaporation. This sensation occurs when compounds in these flavors interact with trigeminal cooling receptors in the nasal or oral tissues in the tongue and oral cavity, are inervated by branches of the trigeminal nerve which provides the sensations of via temperature;we think these kind of volatile effects of menthol and analogs in the Menthol-Chewing Gum could have an impact in our body, specifically in the lower airway and in breathing. These effects could activate cold receptors in upper airway and lower airway of the respiratory mechanism of breath.