Ceasing Seizures
Claire Edgcumbe
Kitsilano Secondary
Floor Location : I 077 H

rnrnThroughout history many noticeable figures have suffered from epilepsy including accomplished leaders such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar. In the present day people who suffer from seizures take antiepileptic drugs. These drugs reduce the amount of signals fired by neurons. rnrnMy project is a two part project with the long term goal of observing the effects that antiepileptic drugs have on neuronal growth. However before I could analyze the neurons I first had to determine an appropriate antiepileptic drug at an appropriate dose. By giving xenopus leavis tadpoles various antiepileptic drugs and various doses, and then adding PTZ (a drug that induces seizures) to the tadpoles I was able to determine the most effective treatment for reducing seizures.rnrnOnce I determined the most effective antiepileptic drug, I injected florescent dye into the neurons of the tadpoles. I then compared the growth of the neurons in their natural environment to the growth of the neurons after the application of the antiepileptic drug.rn