Ivan Kwan, Cleve Kim
Britannia Community Secondary
Floor Location : I 167 E

Our project this year is named energyRELOADED. The idea behind this project is to come up with an innovative way to capture energy from moving day-to-day projectiles. These may include: avalanches, rockslides and all the way to moving vehicles. In many cases we have overlooked these areas as sources of energy in which we can use on a daily basis. Energy is also wasted to by-products like heat, and noise in the sense of vehicles using their brakes to come to a halt. rn After a period of deliberation, we have decided to build a model in which these bigger schemes can be based on. Our model is a basic wooden base with supporting stands underneath. We have attached a compression spring to the platform and the whole apparatus to the base. We have the used one-way zap straps as a locking mechanism to hold the apparatus so that the spring will not rebound but store the energy in an efficient manner. All of this is encased in a hollow and transparent Plexiglas tube which makes the collecting and view of data much easier. rn In order to prove that we can obtain energy from a falling projectile, we must take the calibrations for the spring. We have done this by gently resting weights onto the spring itself and taking careful measurements of the change in the height of the apparatus as a whole. We then started to run our apparatus through many repeated trials. We used different weight classes and different heights as variables. With the numbers we collected from the many repeated trials, we then plugged the numbers into different formulas which are used to calculate force and energy. rn In conclusion, our project proves that we can capture energy from falling projectiles. However, the energy we obtain from the projectile must depend on the weight of the object, the height it is falling from and the speed in which hit makes contact with our apparatus. The statistics shown in our project also proves that it is a very realistic to have a future technology based on this innovation of ours.rn