Coffee Buzz
Jenah Alibhai
A.R. MacNeill Secondary
Floor Location : I 170 L

For science fair this year, I wanted to design an experiment that would determine the effects that caffeine has on the heart rate of aquatic animals. I pursued this topic because I wanted to determine whether caffeine has the same effects on both aquatic animals and human. I tested both Daphnia and gold fish in my experiment. For the daphnia part of the experiment, I experiment on ten different specimens and I examined all of their heartbeats. Five of the specimens were placed in distilled water prior to the examination and the other five specimens were placed in water that contained caffeine prior to the examination. For the goldfish portion of the experiment, I used the same specimen, Penny II, and measured her heartbeats over the course of 8 days. For the first four days, I measure her heartbeat after feeding her, and for the last four days, I added ground up coffee in a jar filled with water and then I placed the specimen in the water and observed her heart beats over the course of a minute. Each day, I doubled the amount of ground up caffeine used in the water. At the end both of the experiments, I observed that caffeine increased the heart rate of the goldfish and the daphnia. I really enjoyed this experiment this year, however, I have to wonder whether caffeine will have the same effects on all animals???