Iron: True Strength or Just There?
Harsh Nathani
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
Floor Location : I 196 L

This is an experiment designed to test the relationship between the physical proporties of DNA and the characteristics of the foods (more specifically the vegetables) the DNA is taken from. Because the proporties of both can be wide spread, the chosen variables were DNA strength and iron (as the nutrient characteristic). The DNA strength comes from the fact that DNA is bonded together and what will be tested is the time taken for that bond to break. While the iron is influenced by the iron levels changing within the different test foods. The experiment involoves steps in which the DNA has to be extracted from food, and then tested for the time taken to disintegrate and the bonds to break. The actual experiments conducted showed that there was no significant relation between the two variables, and that there on the other hand relations to the Genetic Code within the DNA. While this is a great way to test this thesis it has to be taken into consideration that it is a reverse hypothesis experiment, and the more acurate form would be to in fact isolate the DNA and test it from there, not from the iron, but that involves procedures and requires equipment far above than that is available to me. Therfore, this was a great experiment, and one with acurate results, at least as best as they can be, and it can, nonetheless, be concluded that it was still a worthwhile experiment.