Is PJ the Cure?
Ariana Saatchi
York House School
Floor Location : J 019 H

Ovarian cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the ovaries and breast cancer is the cancer in the breast tissue. They are both regularly diagnosed in women all over the world. Finding a cure for both diseases is still the existing challenge in many research labs. Despite breast cancer that can be detected in early stages and treated most of times, ovarian cancer is usually not diagnosed until the late stages in the disease and unfortunately is fatal. Current treatments for ovarian and breast cancer include surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. A simple alternate treatment could be direct tumor injection with a cytotoxic compound. rnThe potential of phytochemicals in the treatment or prevention of disease is probed more and more everyday. Phytochemicals are non-nutrient plant chemicals. They contain protective and/or disease-preventing substances. Pomegranates contain a variety of phytochemicals such as Ellagic acid, Phenols and Flavonoids. The usefulness of this ancient fruit has caught great attention in the past year. Among the many health benefits of pomegranate juice reported recently studies have shown cytotoxicity of it on prostate carcinoma cells. rnMy work presents an in vitro investigation of the anticancer activity of pomegranate juice on both ovarian and breast carcinoma cells using MTT assay. Cell viability, proliferation and morphology were examined. Results will be presented and compared.rn