X-CoP 101 - "eXternal COntrolled Prosthesis"
Alex Yang
St George's School
Floor Location : J 080 E

With the rise of casualties in war, the demand for an improvement in the biomechanical industry has been startling. The constant reports of roadside bombs and casualties seem interminable; the constant need for a better, more advanced, system of prosthetic limbs seems more vital than ever.rnrnIn this project, I wanted to introduce another method of controlling a prosthetic arm. Many amputees nowadays, while working on tasks in their lives, hardly ever use the same parts of their bodies at once (in other words walk while picking up objects), providing a variety of option for a controlling interface and module. rnrnAfter constructing and testing the new system, I found out that many of the methods of control used were actually more efficient and easier to adapt to then the EMG system used nowadays to control modern prostheses.rnrnIn conclusion, the results show that this system of control is feasible and efficient. We could look forward to the system becoming wireless and also a more sophisticated arm could be put into place. Stepping further into the realm of robotic, this project can influence a wider field of biomechanics, replacing, not only arms, but other body parts lost to injury or disease.rnrnrnrn