Trebuchets for Dummies
Oscar Janzen
St John's School
Floor Location : J 004 P

My project is on how changes to a trebuchet affect it's throwing distance. A trebuchet is a ancient seige engine that is similar to a catapult but the counterweight hangs and there is a sling instead of a basket to hold the projectile.rnTo test my project, I made my own trebuchet out of wood and screws. I chose this project because i enjoy building and testing things. The changes i decided to test were the pivot point of the throwing arm, the weight of the counterweight and the length of the sling. The throwing arm is the long peice of wood that moves to propel the projectile. The pivot point is the point on the arm where the base connects to the arm with an axle. I thought that if i had a long sling and a heavy counterweight, it would throw farther. I also thought that the pivot point on the throwing arm closest to the counterweight would work best. rni found that my hypothisis was correct for the sling lengths and the counterweight. On the pivot