X-CoP 102 - "eXternal COntrolled Prosthesis"
Alex Yang
St George's School
Floor Location : J 007 E

This project, an improvement from one submitted last year, presents an experimental investigation on a novel interface for controlling a prosthetic limb using voluntary head movements. In contrast to last year's project, which focused on introducing a concept of controlling a prosthetic limb using external sensors, this update targets one specific method of control. I developed a system with a four-fingered, 3-degree of freedom, robotic hand that could perform grasping tasks. I explored different head movements including the up/down movement, tilt from right to left, and lateral rotation.rnCorresponding to each of these movements, a single control method wasrndeveloped to control the robotic hand.rnComparative experimental trials were conducted on subjects using this method. The results demonstrated that voluntary head movements can be used to control the upper limb robotic prosthesis effectively and with near immaculate accuracy.