Why Are Teens So Stressed?
Jenny Corra
Alpha Secondary
Floor Location : J 131 H

I. Statement of Purpose and Hypothesis:rnrnI want to find out how stressed teenagers are in grades eight and nine. What are the causes of their stress, the symptoms of stress, and if there are any differences between grade levels and gender.rnrnII. Methodology:rnrnAfter researching the subject of teenage stress, I put together a list of questions in the form of a survey. In order to be able to summarize the results of your survey, you must try to limit questions and keep instructions simple. Hand out your surveys to the chosen age group/grade. rnCollect the surveys and begin tallying the results. For example; Causes of Stress- Each student was asked to rate each problem from 1 to 10 based on stress level. When tallying results, individual problems were totalled to be able to make comparisons. The totals were divided by the number of surveys in order to compare them accurately.rnrnIII. Analysis Of Data:rnrnData was collected from 134 completed surveys. The information was tallied and summarized into charts for the two grades and two genders to see if there were any similarities or differences.rnCauses of Stress- The biggest cause of teenage stress for all grades and genders is school work. The difference between genders is that girls are more stressed about friends and appearance than boys are. An interesting result is that grade 9 boys are far more stressed about school work than grade 8 boys.rnSymptoms of Stress- When students were asked to choose from a list of symptoms, the results were the same for all grades and genders. Headaches, sleeplessness, irritability, lack of enthusiasm, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration were the most common symptoms. The only difference was that girls listed crying (20%) more often than boys (8%).rnWho Do You turn To For Help- Girls turn to their friends first and boys turn to their mothers first. Boys will ask their fathers for help more often than girls. rnrnIV. Summary and Conclusion:rnrnTeenagers are under stress. Causes of stress in teens include school work, parents, and friends. School is the highest cause of stress for both boys and girls, with appearance a greater source of stress for girls.rnThis work supported my hypothesis that girls tend to be more stressed than boys. However, the stress levels between grade eights and nines appears to be fairly similar. rnIf I had to repeat this project again, I would include all grades from 8 to 12 to make comparisons from the early high school years to the older years.rnrnV. Application:rnrnThe results of this survey could be used to help teenagers find better ways to cope with their school work since that appears to be a huge stress for all. rnVery few kids turn to their school councillor for help. Therefore councillors should find better ways to reach out to kids.