Slippery When Wet
Matthew Palmer, Andrew Killas
Shaughnessy Elementary
Floor Location : J 134 V

I did this project with my friend Andrew Killas. Our science project is testing which of four different substances will melt a sheet of ice the fastest. We used Sifto rock salt, Mountain Organic ice remover, Organic Melt ice melter and a mixture of cheese whey, molasses and water. We used the whey mixture because we read a news article that said that they used it in Washington, and we wanted to test it. Our results show that the Sifto salt melted the most mLs of ice. The cheese whey melted the least amount of ice next to the control. There are some errors that we think we have made, though. There are also a few things that we would change if we were to do the experiment again. Our reccomendation would be to choose the Mountain Organic ice remover. It is costly, at almost $1 per pound, but it is in small pellets. This means that you can spread it out over a wider area. Also, if you accidentally spill some on your garden, it will help it grow. It is also safe for storage.