Will colour affect what a cricket will eat?
Kaitlyn Price
Alpha Secondary
Floor Location : J 147 V

Then purpose of my topic is to find out if colour will effect what a cricket will eat. I think that the crickets will all go to the green food because of it's resemblence to some of the food they eat.I found out that colour have a minimal effect on the crickets eating habits and some went around and just sampled some from each of the paper. I rejected my hypothesis, seeing as green was one of the least favourable colours. Some of the limitations in my studies were that I couldn't find many matierals on crickets. I couldn't find any information in any books, but found most of my information on the crickets online. I could use this information in the world by helping people prevent crickets from eating a lot of their plants. I found that pink is one of the least favourable colours, so that might help gardeners keep a minimal amount of crickets from eating their food. It could also help if you want crickets in your garden. Blue was a more favoured colour, so if you wanted more crickets, plant lots of neon blue flowers.