Clamp Clamp Revolution
Terry Wu, Christopher Dee
St George's School
Floor Location : M 089 E

As students, we often encounter situations where we had to handle irregular shaped objects in labs. Although this problem can be solved by using vises, vises require extra work and are often very heavy. Also, irregular objects such as spheres are still troublesome.rnrnThus, our project will be based on creating a commercial clamp that is cheap, efficient, light, simple, and easy to control. We drew several models and prototypes, identified the flaws of each model, and improved upon it each time. In the end, we are able to build a well-functional clamp with innovative designs that helps us achieve the qualities above.rnrnWe utilized several Physics related formulas such as the shearing force formula, Pascal's law, and Bernoulli's principle to determine the exact measurements.rnrnAlso, we utilized software such as Autocad and Java to help us with drawing and calculations.rnrnUsing machines such as the Drill press, the Metal lathe, the Tap wrench, the saw, and the Dremel allowed us to create our final design.rnrnOur final design can be used in several ways. In terms of lab use, hot or irregular objects can be held. In terms of artistic use, delicate, small objects can also be held steady.rn