Human Memory - Age: Boys vs. Girls
Jasmine Paine, Vivian Hu
Burnaby South Secondary
Floor Location : M 165 L

My partner and I hypothesize that out of our four groups of people: Teenage Girls, Teenage Boys, Adult Women, Adult Men, teenage girls will have a higher average in memorizing then the other three groups. We collected 75 random words and put them in a list in random order, then we let people look at the sheet of words and give them 1:30 minutes to memorize as much as they can. After time is up, they list as many words as they can remember in any order, then we give them a second try to see if they can memorize more words the second time. We have four main groups: Teenage Girls, Teenage Boys, Adult Women, Adult Men. We test 50 people in each of these four groups and they have to be in the age limit, then we record these results and find the average of each group to determine which group's brain is better at memorizing.