Olivia Hunter
West Point Grey Academy
Floor Location : J 008 H

Bones are our framework. Like a building without bones we would have no structure, nothing to build around. To determine the effect on your bones of common beverages I placed samples of a mid shaft cortical femur bone in a foreign environment.rnrnFor this experiment I tested eight different environments: Water, Air, Apple Juice, Coffee, Corona Extra, Mountain Dew, Red Bull and Coca Cola. I hypothesized that the Coca Cola would degrade the most bone because of low pH levels and high sugar content. rnrnThis experiment had six main steps. I cut the bone into fragments, removed the consellous bone, and dried the bones out. I then weighed them and placed them in their allotted fluids, changing the fluid each week. The specimens were weighed at two other additional points during the experiment. rnrnMy hypothesis was incorrect; Coca Cola dissolved only 7% of its original weight, while Apple Juice dissolved 29% of the starting mass. Apple Juice is a chelating agent, so it binds to calcium easily and removes it from the bone. Because the bone has such a large amount of calcium, a large amount of mass was lost. rnrnIn conclusion my experiment had some unexpected results. Hopefully you will keep this experiment in mind when you next take a drink. And consider how healthy that drink is for you bone health and overall health. rn