Multitasking-friend or foe?
Samuel Holm
Bowen Island Community School
Floor Location : J 019 H

Samuel HolmrnMarch 2010rnrnSummaryrnrn Multitasking-friend or foe?rnrnI did my project on multitasking and its effects on the human mind. My dad always says that multitasking makes you stupid and I wanted to see if this was true. I hypothesized that when people multitasked while doing school work, their overall mark would be significantly lower. To test this, I gathered twelve people and tested them in three areas: spelling, math and a random quiz. To test the multitasking part of it, I had some people talking on the phone and listening to an Ipod while filling out the test. Everybody had a chance to do each test multitasking and then not multitasking. I recorded score, age, name, time and type of distraction. After that, I averaged spelling scores while multitasking, spelling scores while not multitasking, math scores while multitasking, etc. I had some very interesting results, which you will find out when you see my project. In the end, my hypothesis was right. I concluded that multitasking is a foe, rather than a friend.rn