How does your personal diet effect the enviroment
Ridge Frank-White, Rowan Burns-Kirkness
Magnussen School
Floor Location : J 074 L

There have been several scientific reports showing the relationship between human dietary choices and climate change, but they have prompted little action. While people may change their diets to promote personal health, or change their car to promote planetary health, few change their diets to promote planetary health. The average Canadian consumes 56 kgs of carbon-intensive red meat per year, a much higher level than that encouraged by health authorities, and changed little in the last several years. Our data test and demonstrate the extent to which reducing red meat intake could improve planetary health.rnrnrn There are many carbon calculators available, but few include diet (a especially poignant demonstration of the poor awareness of the role of nutritional choices in climate change). We reviewed the top 30 carbon calculators available, adding any not already in that list, but recommended by expert sources (such as the Suzuki Foundation). From this list we found two that included food in their calculations, and also were reliably sourced. Using national-level governmental statistics, we entered data reflecting the consumption patterns of low-, average-, and high-consuming Americans, and derived data on the effects of high and low dietary, transportation, and household consumption levels.