Spots-O-Meter: Automatic Spots Measurement with Flood-Fill Algorithm
Anne Lim
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 111 E

For research and practical purposes, it is often necessary to measure and count cells (eg. blood cells and other organisms) as well as other spots, captured in images, such as celestial objects in the night sky, people in crowds, and manufactured objects for quality control. The purpose of the project is to explore the possibility of automatic spots counting and measurement using Flood-Fill algorithm. I modified the basic Flood-Fill algorithm to count and measure spots in an image, and applied this algorithm for software construction of measurement tool. To evaluate the accuracy of this tool, images of different sets of objects were obtained and used to test the software tool. It counted the number of specimens in each image accurately; however the size measurement was not very accurate, due to many factors such as shadows and surface reflectivity of the specimens.