A Statistical Approach to the Applications of Fractal Geometry
Steven Zheng
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : M 158 P

I wanted to find an automatic method (specifically a formula) to calculate the area, volume or numerical value to evaluate and analyze natural patterns. Most importantly, I want to apply this method to science.rn The method was a derived from geometric progression but modified so that it includes the value of the original shape of a fractal set.rn By applying the formulaA_T=k (1+ a[1-r^I ]/(1-r)) or other variants, everybody has the ability to calculate the statistical value of a fractal set.rn This method could be used by scientists when a simple or complex natural behaviour or trend is being analyzed. Most importantly, this method is a great tool for examining natural behaviour and patterns which is analogous to the derivative for calculating the related rates.rn