Something Fishy
Patricia Poon, Sean MacDougall
Britannia (Secondary)
Floor Location : M 192 V

Due to the introduction of aquaponics in the USA and its rapidly growing industry claiming to replace hydroponics, we conducted an experiment to illustrate the effectiveness of this new and determine whether this method is beneficial and affordable in the long run for commercial and small scale farming. rnrnBy cultivating Comet Goldfish and Cat Grass in our aquaponic system, we illustrated the necessity of the nitrogen cycle in aquaponics. Lastly, we sought to find why and how fish are essential to aquaponics. rnrnOur experiment aimed to: Develop a more compact set-up for an aquaponic system; Observe if/how fish fertilizer is essential to aquaponics; Apply knowledge of the nitrogen cycle to further develop aquaponics; Determine whether aquaponics is the better solution (over hydroponics); Improve commercial and home scale aquaponic farming.rnrnThe results of our experiment will benefit third world countries- As both plants and freshwater fish may be grown in the new "compact" aquaponic setup we've devised, they are able to be placed right next to open markets; large stretches of farmland will not be necessary and therefore can be used for developing and building cities, moving along the growth of developing countries.