Materials VS Oil
Stephanie Chang, Tiffany Hou
West Point Grey Academy
Floor Location : J 002 V

Many people are trying to find an efficient way to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This project compares cotton balls, hair, wood chips, cotton t-shirt as different ways of soaking up oil and seeing which one does it the best. This will be important to the environment because it can help the British Petroleum (better known as BP) clean up the oil spill in the gulf. The principle of science is Material Science because it is testing what material soaks up the most oil. The area of science it touches on is Environment Toxicology. A very brief description of the experiment is to first fill four plastic containers with 12.5g of water and a 1.44g of motor oil each. After you finish weighing the water and motor oil weigh 0.25g of material. Next, weigh the containers. Then put each material in the containers. Set the timer for one minute. Take the materials out of each container and then separate the oil and water by using a seperatory funnel. You can tell by the weight of the water and oil, which one soaked up more oil. Our hypothesis is that the cotton ball will soak up more oil. Our hypothesis was proven incorrect because hair was the clear winner. Based on our experiment and results, no other material got close to the hair's results.