"will you cry?"
Natasha Vlajnic
Moscrop Secondary
Floor Location : J 111 L

This project is focusing on weather or not "a chilled onion will reduce the irritation on ones tear glands". I believed that if one chills an onion, the vapours should take a longer diffusion rate, therefore lowering the irritation on your eyes. Prosedures followed a simple proces: i had 4 testers , and each one cut 8 onions. The first onion was fresh, and later on the nest one chilled. I measured the time it took for the first tears to appear while the onions were being cut. By comparing data, i found that it supported my hypothesis. It showed that it took almost twice as long, on average, for testers to begin tearing while they cut the chilled onion verses the fresh one. As well, i measured the time it took on approximation for how long the side effects/vapours remained in the tear glands. I found that it took a longer time for the testers to settle down after they had cut the fresh onion, rather than the chilled. I found that this was becasue of multiple reasons, including the fact that the fresh onion's vapours had irritated the tear glands earlier, therefore had more time to gather in the eyes.