The maximum weight a bridge can hold
Avrum Kramer
St John's School
Floor Location : J 132 E

Science fair summeryrnThe project that I choose is bridges more specifically is how much weight that a bridge can hold. Out of the four main types of bridges I choose 3 different types to test my first type was a beam bridge I choose it because it is the control, nothing to help support it. The second one I picked was the truss bridge since the truss bridge is not used for long distances most of the time, and since the experiment is not about distance I thought that it is the best choice. The third type was the arch bridge it was a good choice because of the fact that a suspension bridge would not be as suitable. First I built the bridges and then used weights to see how much it could hold safely. My science fair also has some back round info in the Tacoma Bridge and the different types of bridges. The reasons choose this project is to go into greater detail on the best and safest types of bridges. rn