Weather Harvester
Raymond Wang, Ty Zhang
St George's School
Floor Location : J 134 E

The energy crisis and the severe weather are two of the biggest problems facing us today. With the quick draining of traditional non-renewable supplies, the world is in need of more alternative energy sources. rnrnWe noticed that the severe weather contained huge amounts of energy that was waiting to be harvested. For example, precipitation contained amounts of potential energy, and wind had kinetic energy.rnrnOur innovation was to design a system (Weather Energy Harvesting Roof) that had a potential to be widely implemented in order to harvest and store the weather energy. For this purpose, we constructed a model house with a piezoelectric roof to demonstrate our idea.rnrnThe weather energy harvesting roof was then placed under an experiment that contained several different tests. This included timing the speed the weather harvester collects a specific amount of energy under many real life weather conditions. This included rain, snow, wind, hail, and more. The data collected from the experiment was then discussed and analyzed before coming up with a conclusion.rnrnThrough this experiment, the weather energy successfully harvested energy into electricity and stored into a capacitor. The results from the experiment proved that our innovation of a weather harvesting roof was feasible.rnrnBased on this initial innovation, we intend to combine the potential and kinetic energy harvesting system with photovoltaic cells in the future to make an all weather energy harvester.