Temperature+ Batteries= ?
Sheriden Yip
St John's School
Floor Location : J 136 E

Does temperature effect how long batteries last? My science fair was influenced by how different brands of batteries last longer than others. I also wondered if temperature had any effect on how long the battery would last. For my experiment, I bought 3 of the same electric toothbrushes. I also bought 9 batteries in total- 3 Duracell, 3 Energizer, and 3 Panasonic batteries. I did 3 experiments in different temperatures. The first one was in room temperature. I put one of each brand of battery in a toothbrush and left the toothbrush on until it stopped running. For my second experiment, I did the same in cold temperature, which I put the batteries in the refridgerator and checked on the toothbrushes every 20 minutes approx. When one of the batteries stopped working, I recorded it on a chart which I did the same to all of the experiments. The last experiment I did was in warm temperature. I put it in a batheroom and put a heater inside the batheroom. I did the same procdure to leaving the toothbrushes on and checking on them every 20 minutes approx. As a result, in the warm temperature the batteries lasted the longest, second was room temperature, and third was cold temperature. I learned that the warmer the temperature is, the longer it will last because the current in the battery will last longer in warmer temperatures. This is what my experiment was about.