Effects of capsaicin on differentiating pre-adipocytes by clonal analysis
Isabella Aversa
York House School
Floor Location : M 173 L

The aim of this project is to clarify the mechanisms by which capsaicin affects the growth, function and maturation of precursor cells (pre-adipocytes) and their differentiation into mature fat-storing adipocytes. Pure pre-adipocytes for clonal analysis are set up in 96-well trays for differentiation assays, in serial dilutions of cells and with different concentrations of capsaicin. The difference in number of colonies containing adipocytes in the wells with or without capsaicin will indicate whether the compound acts on the lineage choice to become adipocytes. Any difference in the amount of fat accumulation between cultures with or without capsaicin will indicate if the compound acts at the level of the fat accumulation.rnrnThe findings from this project could help in understanding the mechanism by which capsaicin interferes with fat cell formation and fat accumulation and explore the potential of this compound or similar compounds to be used as drugs for prevention and treatment of obesity.