Magnetotropic Cultivation
Jasper Kim, Allen Greer
Britannia Secondary
Floor Location : M 175 L

Magnetotropism. By growing plants induced with magnetic fields, could this be the start of a new future? Our hypothesis was 'germinating snow peas under magnetic fields with differing directional forces of magnetism would improve plant growth rate and productivity'. In our study, we examined the effects of magnetic fields and their directional forces on plant growth in Pisum sativum var. saccharatum. We discovered increases in growth rate, height and development. Comparisons were made between the control group and four magnetically altered test groups. Results and observations were recorded using statistical analysis and p-values. Our project has been proven statistically significant, therefore further replica tests and branches are currently being tested and looked into. In conclusion, our hypothesis was proven correct. rnrnReal life application for a project such as ours is planetary. Currently, food sources wordwide are lacking and it is predicted there will be an absence of food adequacy for everyone. By using 'Magnetotropic Cultivation', we hope to increase production levels on farmlands and thereby enabling farms to produce more food for availability. rnrn