Ink Problems?
Jonah MacKinnon
Lions Gate Christian Academy
Floor Location : S 200 P

The removal of different brand permanent markers, (Media, Sharpie, Bic, Permanent Marker) on velour fabric using different household products. (Shout: Triple Action, SHOUT: Ultra, Oxi-Clean Multipurpose, Presidents Choice Soil + Stain, Earthcare Sales: Enzyme Bar)rnrnTwo types of experiments, 5 minute and 30 minute (duration of the stain.)rnrnrnHYPOTHESIS:rnIf the ability to remove a permanent marker stain is dependant on the length of time and selection of cleaner, then the stains should come out, using all cleaning products, with a duration of 5 minutes sitting time, and none of the cleaning products should be able to remove the stain with a duration of 30 minutes sitting time.rnrnPROCEDURE:rnTake the cloths and mark one line on each with a different markers. Time (5 minutes and 30 minutes respectively) Apply each cleaner on their respective cloths and observe results. rnrnMATERIALS:rn4 Different Brand Name Permanent Markersrn6 Different Brand house hold stain cleanersrn12 velour cloths rnrnCONCLUSION:rnTop Removing Cleaner: Earthcare Sales Ltd: Enzyme BarrnLow Removing Cleaner: Tide to GornTop Permanent Marker: MediarnLow Permanent Marker: Bic