Golf Play Analysis System
Tae Sung Eom, Tae Ho Eom
Prince of Wales
Floor Location : S 221 E

Problem Statement: It is hard to measure the performance of each golf club during a golf game. After a game the golfer can hardly realize which golf club he or she needs more practice with. Unless you hire an assistant, it is difficult to keep track of club information and ball distance related to each club used during the course of the game.rnrnObjective: My project is about improving a golf game by analyzing the golf ball distance for each golf club used throughout the game. This data will be collected automatically from GPS(Global Positioning System) signals and RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology.rnrnMaterials: The system is based upon using a GPS equipped Android smart phone with a Bluetooth communication module. To read RFID tags, one PC (Personal Computer) will be equipped with a RFID communication board. This PC will be connected to the smart phone through Bluetooth communication for collecting RFID tag information. The passive RFID tags will be used on golf clubs. rnrnHow it works: Each golf club will be equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification passive tag. A golfer will turn on the system for receiving GPS signals and for RFID signals at the beginning of the game. Whenever the golfer hits a ball, the system will automatically collect the location information (longitude and latitude) from GPS Satellites and will record the golf club information by reading the RFID tag attached to each club. At the end of the game, the system will have important play data such as the ball distance of iron 7 at the 12th hole.rn