CNT Bend Heavy Wires?
Aditya Sriram
Citadel Middle School
Floor Location : J 081 E

The project is an innovation. I have worked aside an engineer to make lightweight, flexible wires made out of carbon nanotubes mixed along with a polymer. I got the idea of the project when I read about the mass of vehicles. I was very concerned about this as I am planning to become an astronaut. The part that really got my attention was the fact that 20% of the weight of planes was due to cables. I figured that this weight can be drastically reduced. If the weight was reduced planes would have so much more potential. Either more passengers abroad, or a faster traveling plane with a lot less emissions. Using multi walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT), a silicone polymer,a curing agent, and many tools, I had successfully made lightweight and flexible wires. For now. After the testing process, the conductivity was equivalent to copper, while also being 28.9 times lighter than the same volume of copper as well. In conclusion my currently-unexplained hypothesis was correct.