Can Antioxidants prevent free radical damage, and possibly extend life?
Jiaying (Carol) He, Bennett Tan
Summit Middle School
Floor Location : J 113 H

Nowadays, staying healthy and disease free is a giant focus for many people. Staying healthy is an appealing incentive for veggie haters to scarf down their serving of celery, apples, and the like, because a website says they're rich in antioxidants, which are benificial to the body. But few people really know the true function of the antioxidants, and why htey're good for you. Antioxidants are benificial to health, by destrying free radicals, rampaging particles that cause damage and havoc in it's quest to search for an atom. It is also true that free radicals can cause many devastating age related diseases, such as cancer, alzhimers, and many more. Following that logic, one can say that antioxidants can destroy the free radicals, which would result in less damage to organisms. This raises many what ifs. What if antioxidants can improve the health of organisms? What if antioxidants can prevent diseases and slow down ageing? And, the greatest what if of all, what if the simple antioxidants can extend life?