Fucus has Mucus
Raven Grenier
St Thomas Aquinas
Floor Location : J 139 L

Agular Point, Bamfield, BC is a beautiful diverse marine ecosystem. It is different from the shores around Vancouver, with an amazing abundance and variety of species of seaweeds and tidal life. The seaweed species Fucus, whose common name is Rockweed, is very successful there, especially in the higher levels. My experiment was to find out why Fucus is most abundant in the higher inter-tidal zone. I used a quadrant method of measuring abundance because it is a fast and efficient way to measure the general distribution of a population. Factors such as adaptations to the natural environment that affect seaweed growth will be discussed. I developed an understanding of these factors and specifically of the Fucus species. Seaweed is vital for humankind because it is a large and integral part of the ecosystem that many animals and humans are a part of and depend on. For humans, seaweeds are used in an amazing number of products. The better we understand our ecosystem, the better we can live cohesively with it.