What's Holding you Back?
Elizabeth Suen
York House School
Floor Location : J 169 E

For my project, I compared the speeds of different swimsuits through the water.nSuits varying from technical racing suits down to board shorts were tested. Initialntrials were done using a 25m training elastic and hand-heldnstopwatches. I have found this system was not very accurate. Error analysis after the tests showed that the errors due to timing and variation in launch were about the same as the variations between different swimsuits.nnI am doing second round of testing using a pulley system and a digital Doppler gunnto measure my speed. I hope that this method would be more accurate than using a stopwatch.nnThis experiment is important because in swimming, every millisecond counts.nCompeting in the swimsuit that produces the least amount of drag could be the edgenneeded to win!